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Pair of rebuilt rear brake calipers for the 84-86 Mustang SVO/87-93 Saleen Mustang/84-90 Lincoln Mark VII. These have gotten tough to find so we take cores and ship them out to be rebuilt. We do not use the same company (typically  Cardone) that the parts stores use, we chose a higher quality vendor for this. Since these are getting scarce there is a significant core charge to make sure we get cores back so we can continue to offer this service. The core charge of $300 is included in this price, once we recieve your cores you will get a refund of the core charge. So the price breakdown is $350 for the pair of calipers and $300 for the core charge for a total of $650 plus shipping. Make sure you keep your parking brake arms when you send your cores back, you will need those for your new calipers as they are not included. If you do not have cores to return then the cost will be the total $650 plus shipping. Availability is extremely limited as we do not have many of these. If you see this as marked sold out it means we are currently having our cores rebuilt, if you would like to be notified as soon as they are ready just contact us and we can put you on our list.

Mustang SVO/Saleen/Mark VII rear brake calipers-Pair rebuilt

SKU: SVOrearcaliper
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