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We've worked on a solution for a while for the problem on the Fox cars where the original plastic nut retainer for the swaybar bushing mount self destructs when you remove the bar...or it just cracks from age... We have spent some time coming up with a solution where you can use your original hardware(if you are missing your original hardware stay tuned as we are going through our 25 year collection of hardware to make available some original stuff for those who need it). The original nuts are barbed and our new retainer is made of a special material that has some flex so you can insert your original nuts and they lock in as originally intended so they hold the nuts in place while you in stall the swaybar mounts from underneath. Our logo is only on one side so if you don't want it seen you can face it toward the frame rail. These are a dark gray material, the one picture with it mounted shows lighter from the flash. Price is for a pair. These do not include the original nuts or bolts, you will use your originals... but we hope to offer that as an option soon as we are working through our inventory to put together a quantity of original hardware from our years of parting out cars. 

87-93 Swaybar Nut retainer-SVP Exclusive Reproduction!

SKU: SVP-swynutret-720
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