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This is a used original piece of the SVO specific thin body side molding. This is the piece that attaches to the Driver rear quarter panel in front of the wheel. This has had the aluminum backing removed and just needs new 3M tape to install, there are 2 issues with this piece of trim...1) It has previously had some paint overspray on it which has mostly been removed, a respray in charcoal would cover it up and make it look fine. 2) there is an angle at the end by the wheel that looks like something rubbed or cut it leaving the angle you can see in the picture provided.  So that makes this a driver quality part...or you could use this piece and trim it down to make the shorter piece to use on the front fender. This is listed for the 85-86 because it is gray, you could dye it black to use on an 84.

85-86 Mustang SVO Left rear thin body side molding-used

SKU: 8586SVOLRthintrim-42523
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