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A SVPU exclusively produced product, We just showed this for the first time at Ponies In The Smokies March of 2022! The original plastic adjuster plates are prone to cracking, especially when you try to turn the adjusting screw that hasn't moved in years. Reproducing these in plastic would just be making the same part that would be problematic down the road..So we designed a better product, yes it's over the top being done in Billet but it will NEVER wear out, are VERY cool looking and adjusting is easy. Not only are they durable, they are like Car Jewelry but if you don't want the bling of the Billet you can just paint them black and they are hard to distinquish from original at a glance. These are proudly made in the USA!! THESE ARE NOW SHIPPING...they will be made in small runs in order to help keep costs down and will ship as they come in so they will show in stock so an order can be placed but there is a chance we may be waiting for a next batch. Feel free to ask us first but we plan to keep at least a set or two in stock regularly.

85.5-86 Mustang SVO Headlight Adjuster Plates-Billet Aluminum-Pair

SKU: SVOSVPUadjplates
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