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This is a used original Clutch pedal assemby from a Mustang SVO that we have restored, while the pads are original and should be replaced to complete the restoration(we didn't have any in stock at the time). We completely disassembled this assembly and refinished every part, reassembled with proper lubrication and new bushings. These were not painted from the factory so they are all rusty, we refinished it in natural colors so you get that new off the showroom look without worrying about anything rusting. These are a great upgrade for other Fox Mustangs if you are into performance driving because the SVO had a unique clutch pedal assembly. The SVO model featured a clutch pedal designed for enhanced heel-to-toe driving. It allowed smoother transitions between braking and downshifting.The brake pedal pad on the SVO was larger than standard manual transmission Mustangs. It resembled the size of an automatic brake pedal pad.Additionally, the pedal arm itself had a slight bend, which was specific to the SVO model. 

84-86 Mustang SVO clutch pedal assembly

SKU: SVOpedalassy-42724
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