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Just like our rear brake calipers we are having original Cores rebuilt by a top quality company. These compressors are no longer available even in a poorly done Cardone rebuild and Cardone will likely lose your parts if you send them to them(ask us how we know). So we are offering a rebuilt compressor on an exchange basis. Because we can't continue to do this without getting your core back we must implement a significant core charge. The cost of the unit is $325.00 plus the core charge which is $ the total will be $725 and once we receive your core we will refund the $400 core charge back to you. If you have the time to have the car down and would just like your own compressor rebuilt just give us a call and we can arrange that so you don't have to deal with the core charge. It is STRONGLY recommended that you replace  your receiver dryer, liquid line and condensor when servicing your system...if your old compressor suffered a failure that sent metal through your system then you will have another failure with the replacement compressor. 

84-86 Mustang SVO A/C Compressor-Rebuilt-New

SKU: SVOACcompressor-52223
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