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This radio looks rough but ironically it is one of the best working ones we've had recently. If you have a good face plate to replace this one then you are in business. While the face is sun faded and some nitwit who didn't have the proper tools broke the side of the face trying to remove the radio(they didn't succeed as this was still in the original unmolested console when we got the car). everything functions. We hooked this up to our own 87 LX and the tape player works, fast fwd and Rwd work and it plays perfect 80's sound. The radio works and all the Bass, Treble, Balance and Fade dials function. Sticker on the side of the body shows part number E9ZF-19B132-BA. It has the bracket to mount the original pocket underneath(we have those pockets listed seperately).

1989 Mustang factory radio-used

SKU: 89radio2-41823
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