Our fiberglass reproduction side spats....finally a replacement for the problematic original spats that fall apart. These may require fitting to your car before painting and installation so trial fit them first and adjust where necessary. The only area that you will want to test fit is the curved area against the quarter panel and this is just to make sure the fit is good to your panel, all other areas do not require anything other than drilling your screw holes, due to variances in cars we do not pre drill these holes. These are rarely in stock and are made to order so there may be a 3-5 week delay to allow for production & shipping. Price is for a pair of spats, we do not offer singles. Note: Unfortunately due to increasing prices globally we also experienced a significant price increase. For over 20 years of producing these we have absorbed increases and kept the price the same but unfortunately as of 10-1-21 we were forced to implement a price increase on our spats. 

1984-86 Mustang SVO side spat set-reproduction

SKU: svp-spat