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Just released! This is the highest flowing bolt on turbochargers for the 2015 and up Mustang Ecoboost! The BNR 525 and BNR 600 Series turbochargers are the perfect turbocharger upgrades for your mildly modified or highly modified Ford Ecoboost Mustang! They all come with a 1 year unlimited mileage warranty. The BNR turbochargers easily bolt on with minor clearancing to the block. This detail is discussed in the install instructions included with the turbocharger! They enlarged the compressor cover so you could have more power potential coming from a stock frame turbocharger! Not only is there more power potential with the bigger sizing, its more impressive to look at in the stock location! Comes with an instalation kit which includes the water lines and drain line. 


The BNR 600 is for the more serious builds. Capable of up to 600 plus RWHP, this turbocharger is the highest flowing of the drop in options! Very good response considering its size, this unit generates around 20 psi at 3600 RPM and carries the power throughout the power band. The turbocharger consists of TD06R Mitsubishi based components with BNR’s own custom turbine and compressor wheel assemblies. The compressor wheel is a generation 2, point milled billet aero that has a 58mm inducer and a 76mm exducer dimension. The flow rate of the BNR 600 is 70 lb/min! The vehicle that was dynoed still had the stock clutch believe it or not, so the tune was very conservative to keep the clutch happy below peak torque. The test car has been running around for 2 years now without any issues!

15-23 Mustang Ecoboost BNR 600 Turbocharger upgrade

SKU: BNR-600
$1,799.99 Regular Price
$1,583.99Sale Price
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