1969 Ford Mustang Fastback

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Owner: Brian Gibbs

This is the car as Brian first purchased it....definitely needing attention.

Prior poor repairs are shown here where a quarter panel had been replaced from a donor car. The car had typical rust in the bottoms of the doors, tail light panel, deck lid, etc, etc.

The car had spent MANY years just sitting outside...check out the rust hole in the TOP of the passenger fender!

The car did run but was factory equipped with the base 250cid 6 cylinder engine....Brian had no intentions of leaving this in the car!

Here is the original ratty interior....not much useable here.

Brian is a welder by profession so he tackled the metal work himself and replaced the floors, tail light panel, deck lid, passenger fender and patched the doors, LH quarter bottom and replaced the RH quarter panel.

The wheels are 16X8 Vintage 45's and made a huge difference in appearance.

Brian built this 351W and backed it with a Tremec 5 speed transmission...this combination makes over 320HP to the wheels. At this point he could drive the car and still tinker with it.

Finally it came time for Brian to get the car painted and he brought it to us...the first step was to dismantle the car and strip the old paint off.

Fortunately the rear window channel was in good condition and not rusted out as many are that have just sat outside.

The cowl panel however was not safe and had serious rust issues.


Nobody makes a direct patch for the '69 cowl panel so we had to take what was available and make it work....the passenger side is pretty straight forward.

The driver side however was another story since the '69 model did not have the stove pipe that the earlier models had on both sides. A patch was fabricated and we then sealed it with a 2 part automotive seam sealer and painted the entire lower cowl.

At the time this repair was made, full replacement quarter panels were not available so Brian did what he could to fix the previous poor repair.

With the body work done we start the process of priming and block sanding.

The car was blocked and re-primed 3 times to ensure the bodywork was perfect.

Next it was into the paint booth and taped up for paint.

The basecoat was applied using a Ford factory color....1995 Silver Frost metallic code "TS".

We blacked out the hood and headlight buckets. Everything is paint so there are no edges.

The tail light panel was also blacked out.

Here is the finished car....we added a set of black Bullitt wheels measuring 17X8 up front and 18X10 out back. If you hadn't noticed we shaved the antenna...we have done this on a few cars since the factory antenna always look like an after thought and seem out of place.

We also made a change in the rear of the car and welded the rear valance to the car providing a smooth transition into the quarter panel.

Here it is at it's first cruise in outing...unfortunately it rained but this is not designed to be a trailer queen and is driven as originally intended!